Bryant DMP


Project and Timeline

Project Information

The City of Bryant is developing a citywide Comprehensive Drainage Master Plan (CDMP) for stormwater drainage. This plan will include identifying, analyzing, and prioritizing drainage issues within the city and its planning area. The CDMP will include a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) with a list of projects to address and mitigate drainage issues.

The purpose of the City of Bryant CDMP is to:

  • Evaluate the existing drainage conditions of the city and extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ)

  • Identify current and future drainage problems

  • Generate proposed solutions to identified problems

  • Develop a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)

  • Provide tools for managing future development

Project Process

Currently, we are in the Data Collection stage of the project, which includes gathering information regarding current drainage problems. We would like to hear from the residents and stakeholders of the City of Bryant. Please take time to share your comments regarding drainage concerns. The interactive map will allow you to pinpoint the location of drainage issues and share with us information that can help identify and prioritize improvements within the City. A PDF comment form is also available for you to share your concerns.


The Comprehensive Drainage Master Plan will be used to identify drainage problems within the City and propose solutions to these problems. A citywide Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for drainage projects will be developed during the final stages of this study which will include a list of citywide drainage projects with conceptual design solutions and cost estimates.  Prioritization criteria will be developed as part of this CIP to help the city prioritize and begin design and construction on the most needed projects following the completion of this study.